VF Surrogacy, Surrogate Mothering, Third Party Reproduction

  • In the very first year of its IVF services, Bavishi Fertility Institute offered IVF surrogacy treatment to a German couple. It was the first European couple to go to Asia for surrogacy treatment. Since than we have couples treated with IVF surrogacy from many countries including USA, UK, Finland etc.
  • Bavishi Fertility Institute has achieved highest number of pregnancies with IVF surrogacy in Gujarat state of India and one the highest in India. This has become true thanks to our high IVF success rate, stringent surrogate mother selection and dedicated painstaking efforts of whole of our team.


  • The couple undergoes IVF + ICSI treatment in the usual way. When embryos are ready, the best embryos are selected for transfer. The embryos are transferred into the uterus of a host – surrogate mother, rather than that of the female partner of the couple.
  • Hundred percent genetic material will be from the couple i.e. the child will have 100 % genetic inheritance from the couple. The surrogate will act as host mother till the time of birth of the child. She then hands over the child to the couple.

Procedure A Surrogate Mother Has To Undergo


Selection of The Surrogate
  • A married lady with the consent of her husband and if needed, of all family members only becomes a surrogate mother.
  • They usually come from known source
  • They come with a reference from a reliable person
  • The couple may appoint a coordinator to supervise and coordinate the whole treatment till handing over the child.
  • The couple is informed about the background of the surrogate mother.
  • If the couple finds her suitable, a couple surrogate meeting is organized.
  • The couple interacts with the surrogate mother and her husband.
  • If both the parties are satisfied, the treatment is started.
Pre Treatment Evaluation for Surrogate
  • Detailed history is taken.
  • Detailed family history of genetic disorder and diseases is taken.
  • Complete clinical examination and fitness evaluation is done.
  • Surrogate is screened for routine blood tests, infective diseases like HIV, Hepatirtis B, venereal diseases etc.
  • Formal consents are taken for the treatment.

Advantages Of Surrogate Mother Treatment

The couple gets a child with 100% their own genetic inheritance.
It can a blessing for a couple where female partner can not bear pregnancy herself due to problems with their:



  • Absent uterus
  • Hypoplastic uterus less developed uterus
  • Surgically removed uterus
  • Diseased uterus ie multiple tumors etc.



  • Unexplained thin endometrium
  • Damaged/destroyed endometrium
  • Tuberculosis – TB
  • Asherman’s syndrome
  • Previous surgery
  • Thin, diseased endometrium.


General health

  • Heart , liver, Kidney diseases etc.
  • No risk of child bearing and childbirth on female partner.

The procedure is legal and the couple becomes legal partners of the child born.The names of genetic parents are mentioned as the names of mother and father of the child.


Actual Treatment Of Surrogate Mother

  • She is put on oral contraceptive pills to prevent spontaneous pregnancy.
    The mother is down regulated
  • To match her menstrual cycles and endometrial development with that of female partner ( genetic mother ).
    To achieve complete control of cycle and achieve optimum outcome.
    Her endometrium is prepared to receive embryos, with estrogen hormone.
    When embryos of the couple are ready, they are transferred in the uterus of the surrogate mother.
  • The mother is given medicines, which help implantation of embryos and their development. The medicines support pregnancy also if she conceives in that attempt. Blood of surrogate is checked for presence of pregnancy on day 13 and 15 after embryo transfer.
  • If pregnancy test is positive, pregnancy support drugs are continued. Mother is regularly observed and treated for pregnancy care.
  • If pregnancy is negative, the drugs are stopped. The surrogate gets her period.
  • Same attempt is repeated. If the couple had their embryos frozen, the frozen embryos can be used. If there are no frozen embryos, the couple has to undergo a fresh IVF cycle.

Mother Treatment

  • It is difficult to find surrogate mother with good background, health, understanding, cooperation and persistence.
  • Any pregnancy can have complications If surrogate mother develops any complications , the responsibility of treatment and expenses involved in it, lies with the couple.
  • It is relatively an expensive treatment.
  • Bavishi Fertility Institute has very strict selection criteria for selecting the ‘to be surrogate’. The couples are given relevant information on surrogate mother. If the couple is satisfied a face-to-face meeting is arranged between surrogate and the couple. Once both parties are satisfied then only the treatment is initiated. The couple is encouraged to keep in touch with the surrogate. If couple can not manage to keep in touch and supervise surrogate mother’s treatment, Bavishi Fertility Institute tries to arrange a coordinator who can coordinate with the couple and the mother.
  • All financial dealings are done directly between the couple and the surrogate. It ensures complete transparency. Legal paper work is also done directly between the couple and the surrogate, it ensure complete safety of the couple.
  • Surrogate mother treatment is technically a very simple and successful treatment but it requires a lot of complex management and time.
  • We consider it a privilege to offer you the option of surrogate mother treatment so that BAVISHI FERTILITY INSTITUTE can offer complete fertility solution under one roof.