Surgeries Performed With Hysteroscopy And Description

  • Diagnostic Hysteroscopy
  • Asherman’s Syndrome (Intrauterine adhesions)
  • Endometrial Polyp
  • Intrauterine Fetal Bones
  • Tubal cannulation for proximal Tubal Block
  • Uterine septum
  • Cervical stenosis
  • Misplaced IUCD
  • Submucus fibroid resection
  • T shaped uterus & lateral wall Adhesiolysis
  • Total occlusion of uterine cavity Total Amenorrohea
  • Trance cervical resection of Endometrium(TCRE)
  • Tubal occusor device Insertion

Procedure Description In Brief Hysteroscopy

What is Hysteroscopy?
  • Hystero = Uterus
  • Scopy = to see
  • The procedure of examining the uterus from inside is called hysteroscopy.
  • A hysteroscope is a thin telescope that is inserted into the uterus through the vagina and cervix, the scope is thin 1.9 to 2.9mm. The toul helps doctor to diagnose or treat uterine problem.
  • In Hysteroscopy patient is given anesthesia, and then after a thin telescope of 1.9 to 2.9mm is inserted through cervix and entered into uterus under continuous monitoring.
How Hysteroscopy is done?
  • Wall of uterus, entrance of fallopian tubes and mouth of uterus-cervix are systematically checked.
  • if any problem is seen than is treated with operation at the same time.
  • Patient is given ice-cream or liquid food after 2 hours and then can go home.
When Hysteroscopy is done?
  • In the treatment of Infertility Before test tube baby treatment.
    Frequent miscarriages.
  • Surety or doubt of having any problem in uterus.
  • Retain products of conception after miscarriages like fetal bones etc.
  • Missing Coper-T
  • Excess bleeding during menstrual cycle.
  • Possibility of tuberculosis.
  • Possibility of cancer.
  • Possibility to remove foreign body from uterus..
Benefits of Hysteroscopy
  • No scar is done on stomach.
  • Fast recovery and discharge from hospital.
  • Hysteroscopy is half day treatment, so night stay in hospital is not required.
  • With the help of high tech operations, complicated operation inside the uterus can be done without opening the stomach/abdomen.